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lll▷ HOW TO WIN AT LIVE ROULETTE | Tips to help you win

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Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Winning

We are sorry to disappoint you, but the only way is to have a lot of luck, but you can help to come your way...

The king or queen of casino games is designed to earn money for the casino and not for the players. As we have already explained and demonstrated several times on our site, this game has the “mathematical hope” in its favor that, thanks to the 2.7% advantage (house edge) allows casinos to earn in the long run on the majority of bettors.

The house edge is a fair thing for casinos to keep their business running profitably, but try your best to avoid playing at American roulette, as such game reserves casinos a wopping 5.2% house edge and that is not good for players!

Now let's talk a bit about roulette systems. Mathematically safe systems do not exist, on the contrary we say that there are several in circulation, but most of them are scams. The valid methods have already been invented by the best mathematical minds of the past and they are available for free on the internet for everyone, without having to pay anything. So don't fall into the trap created by these crooks and don't spend your money to buy a roulette winning system for two fundamental reasons: 100% infallible methods to win at roulette do not exist, and the second reason is that if they existed no one would be so crazy (or generous, if we want to be good) to sell them to you.

This necessary premise, which goes against the trend from the information you find in all the other internet sites that advertise magic systems that would earn hundreds of euros a day while playing roulette, therefore warns you unequivocally that it is impossible to systematically defeat roulette (mind you this doen't mean that frequent winnings are unrealizable). If, of course, someone does not believe in these statements, he/she may very well experiment with a game strategy and note that the expected value is always 2.7% in favor of the casino. We think it's also a bit difficult for anyone who reads this guide to believe in the impossibility that a 100% secure winning technique can exist, given that if you search Google for ways to win at roulette you will find so many of those websites that claim otherwise. There are so many of those “guaranteed” systems that it is quite difficult to think that a Las Vegas casino can make money thanks to roulette.

Don't be fooled, a safe roulette winning method doesn't exist and it's not us to tell you, but Albert Einstein in his roulette study. Obviously, we are not saying that systems are useless, in fact they are the most sensible that can exist to face a game in which mainly counts luck. Applying a method means facing the game from a strategic point of view that can bear fruit by winning small sums and limiting losses. Pay attention to those systems that guarantee large and constant winnings, because they are not very credible methods. At the moment the only thing we can do is advise you on some little tricks that will instead allow you to increase the chances of victory. For this, it would be well worth a visit at www.mr-roulette.com where you can learn of some of the most popular and best winning roulette systems for online gambling.

Choose only French roulette in live dealer casinos

As we believe you already know, the advantage of the house, being the online casino/live dealer compared to the player is 2.7%, but we are about to reveal a secret that will allow you to halve this figure. In any live dealer casino you will find many types or roulette tables, some differ in the amount of minimum and maximum bets, or some peculiar characteristics of roulette or the rules that govern the game. What you have to choose, to have more chances to win, is the French roulette with the La Partage rule. This typology is more profitable than the others, as in addition to having only one zero it provides the rule in question, according to which at the exit of the zero the bank will not withdraw the entire amount of the bets on simple chances, but only half. In practice, if the zero comes out you will only lose half of the bet value. Following are our recommended live casinos with "La Partage":

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We say this in theory just because this is the special feature of French roulette, but some crafty casinos may not apply it while pointing to the French roulette. My advice is therefore to always ask customer service before signing up if Partage is accepted because even going to the help you can hardly ever find adequate information to know if this rule is foreseen. If you immediately notice tables with the words American or European roulette, skip them immediately because they are not convenient. Remember that this rule is valid only for simple chances and not for other bets such as the quadruplets, the full ones, the horses. So if you bet on a dozen and go out of zero you will lose the bet. Therefore, thanks to a casino that accepts the Partage you will be able to reduce the advantage of the dealer bringing it from 2.7% to 1.35% and therefore this is the best way to increase the chances of winning.

Play only on red and black

By virtue of the previous assumption in which it is advisable to make use of the Partage, it is convenient to bet only on red and black, or if you prefer on high / low or even / odd. From the point of view of probability theory, it is not wise to bet on other types of bets because you risk losing more frequently (2.7%), while on red and black we will lose less considering the decrease to 1.35% of the margin of the casino.

Don't think about the previous numbers

Suppose ten consecutive blacks have come out. Which color will most likely come out at the eleventh draw? The answer everyone would give is red and it's wrong. Think about it, why should red come out? The wheel is a mechanical device and it certainly cannot remember that 11 blacks have come out before, on the contrary, it does not really know, because for it only physics matters and everything that has happened before is irrelevant. Many players believe that after several batches of the same color the next one to come out is the opposite color, but there is nothing more wrong, because the concept of late numbers is not applicable to roulette. There is no need to wait for certain figures or sequences to occur to launch your attack, as each spin is a story in its own right, as it eliminates everything that happened before, creating a new launch in which each number has the same probability of release as the others, regardless of what happened in the last few spins.

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