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All players want casino bonuses and all search for them. If you are one of those players who is constantly searching the web to find the highest online casino bonuses, then look no further because we at World-Best-Online-Casinos.com have done the job for you! In fact, we have put together a great selection of the TOP 10 HIGHEST ONLINE CASINO BONUSES available on the web for the current year!!!

It is not an easy task to find the right casino that not only offers attractive bonuses especially for new players who decide to open an account with them, but that have a high reputation and are unbiased with their rules towards their customers. We only publish of reputable licensed online casinos that offer fair terms & conditions so that players can have a great time and piece of mind while playing.

Beware, however, of the rules imposed by each casino about when you can withdraw your winnings and decide beforehand if to accept or not the bonus as there is the so-called "playthrough" or "wagering requirement" to be respected that can go from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 40 times the amount obtained for free. Therefore, the playthrough is basically the total volume of play (ie: how many times you must wager) before you can actually cash out the bonus. Keep reading on to know more about this subject

Also, you need to remember that it is not obligatory to accept the bonus if you don't want it.

PLEASE NOTE:  Online Casino Bonuses may vary depending on your country of residence or IP address!

€/$8.000 + 200 free spins
T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe

325% Up to $9,750  
No UK players - 21+ T&Cs appl​y
Everygame Casino & Sportsbook
  Sportsbook & Casino  
Up to $5,555
18+ T&Cs appl​y

 €2.000 + 100 free spins
T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe

€1.500 + 150 free spins
T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe

T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe

T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe

  Established in 2006  
 Up to $6,000
18+ T&Cs appl​y

 €2.500 + 100 free spins
T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe

€1.000 + 100 free spins
T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe

T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe

What internationally licensed online casino has the best bonuses?

The world of online casinos is constantly growing. Finding the right online casino for you among the new and already known ones becomes a difficult task. "Which casino welcome bonus is right for me?" or "Which licensed online casino has the best bonuses?" are the most popular questions. For this reason at World-Best-Online-Casinos.com we have decided to give you the best possible guide to feel satisfied when playing at casinos. Here you will find a narrower ranking of the best international casino bonuses than many other comparison pages.

Which are the online casinos with the lowest Playthrough / Wagering requirement?

Unfortunately there is no answer to this question, and there is not even one site where to get this information. It would be too complicated for anyone to follow such data on the various casinos and therefore the best thing to do is to investigate personally with each one of them through the information available directly on the casino website or in the absence of this to contact the customer support before depositing any money and accepting the bonus.

The rules to consider with the casino bonuses

Every game has rules to stick to. The same goes for online casino bonuses. From World-Best-Online-Casinos.com we present you a list of the most important rules.

Wagering Requirements
The most important factor to watch out for are the wagering requirements. An online casino almost never offers you bonuses without having well-defined wagering requirements. In the most common bonuses, you have to play the bonus amount a certain number of times before you can withdraw your winnings. The most secure unbiased online casinos use 35x the bonus amount. Therefore a bonus of € 100 must be played up to the total amount of bonuses played of € 3500 before being able to withdraw the bonus amount as real money.

Slot machine or not?
A crucial factor to keep an eye on are the different wagering requirements for each game. Slot machines usually count 100% as a stake, while other games such as blackjack or roulette have lower percentages to meet the wagering requirement. Make sure you are aware of the rules at your online casino.

Period of validity
Knowing the validity period of your bonus is essential to make the most of your bonus. Each online casino has its own validity periods but in general we speak from 3 days up to 1 year. Make sure you are aware of the validity period otherwise if at the end of the period I have not met the wagering requirements your bonus amount and the winnings made through it will be cancelled.


We list and rank the best online casino bonuses by studying the largest online casino and gambling companies  in the world. Here you will know all the necessary requirements for international and national online casinos. We also specify the amount of freespins offered with the deposit bonuses. Some online casinos offer no deposit freespins.

To rank the different online casino bonuses we used the following factors:

  • Bonus amount
  • Wagering Requirements
  • Period of validity
  • Freespin
  • Reputation and reviews

How do you distinguish a good online casino bonus and a bad one? The bonus itself can give you a lot of guidance. How big is the bonus? Is this a bonus with no wagering requirements? A no deposit online casino bonus? Basically it is important that you choose the bonus that is suitable for you. All of the online casino companies listed by us are serious and therefore you are on the safe side with any choice. It's up to you to choose the online casino bonus that suits your requirements.

Bonus amount for online casino bonuses
Bonus amounts vary for each online casino but are usually significantly higher than sports betting bonuses. The bonus amount can be 100% up to a maximum of €/$/£ 1.500 and sometimes even more for some specific countries. However, often the bonus amount for high bonuses are not awarded all at once but in different phases. Since the bonus amount is much larger than sports betting, the wagering requirements will also be higher.

Online casino wagering requirements
The wagering requirements are more often than not difficult to understand, especially those for online casinos. Not every online casino game counts in the same way towards meeting the wagering requirements. The general rule is that slot machines count at 100% while playing like blackjack or roulette count a much lower percentage around 5%.

Example wagering requirements for online casino

  1. The online casino offers you a deposit bonus equal to 100% of your first deposit up to a maximum amount of € 200. Your account consists of € 100 in cash and € 100 in bonus.
  2. The wagering requirements are 40x the bonus amount, in this case € 4000. This means that you have to play € 4,000 in bonus before being able to withdraw the final amount.
  3. Choose to play a slot machine that counts 100% to meet the wagering requirement. After playing for a while you have reached a total of € 2000 in bonuses with winnings of € 900 in total. So you currently have € 100 in cash and € 1000 in bonus. Having played for € 2,000 in bonus, you have reached half of the wagering requirement.
  4. Proceed to play a few hands of blackjack that count for 5% towards the wagering requirement. This time luck is not on your side and playing € 1000 in bonus you lost € 100. Finish with € 100 in cash and € 900 in bonus. Of the € 1000 you have played, 5% count towards the wagering requirement, i.e. € 50 in addition to the € 2000 played on slot machines for a total of € 2050.
  5. You go back to the slot machines you played before. It seems that slot machines are for you and you play for an additional € 2000 with winnings of € 1000. You have met the wagering requirements by playing at least € 4000 in bonuses. The bonus amount can be withdrawn as real money and your balance is € 1900 from the winnings with the bonus + € 100 deposited = € 2000.

This example shows you how important it is to be aware of which games contribute to wagering requirements. Playing for € 1000 on blackjack only took you € 50 to meet the wagering requirement while playing for € 2000 on slot machines contributed € 2000.

In some online casinos you cannot play with the bonus amount before having spent the deposited amount. Make sure you are informed about this in the respective online casino you choose to play.

Freespin or free spins are very common in online casinos. Freespins are often offered to new customers with first deposit bonuses, but are sometimes also available without a deposit. Linked to freespins there are always wagering requirements that must be met before you can withdraw your winnings. The wagering requirements vary from every online casino and therefore it is important to be informed before making a decision.

Reputation and reviews
Some online casinos are more serious and popular than others. From World-Best-Online-Casinos.com we constantly update our offer by presenting only the most serious online casinos that have a gambling license issued by the relevant government of the country where they are based.


The online casino market has grown exponentially over the past 10 years. Almost hand in hand with the internet and software development, increasing the experience of online players. The most popular form of gambling is slot machines. Most online casinos offer a wide variety of slot machines with different themes.

In addition to the slot machines they also feature the most popular games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and many more.

Live casino
Although slot machines are one of the most popular games in gambling, the so-called live casinos are very popular with players and almost all online casinos offer this service. When you play at the live casino, you fully enter the casino atmosphere with real dealers. The dealer is connected via webcam and all games are played live.

The most popular games in live casinos are for example:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Casino Hold'em
  • Many other poker modes

Play with your mobile
In recent years online casinos have also developed their games in the form of mobile and today most of the games available on the computer can be played on your mobile. Some casinos offer access to their games via a web version while many have a downloadable app from the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.


The most popular casino games can be divided into two categories, namely those within the live casino and the slots.

In the live casino you have the opportunity to play in real time with real dealers, and therefore you get a much more intense, real and fun gaming experience.

The most popular games of this type are roulette and blackjack, but lately other games such as baccarat and texas hold em are taking a turn.

Other games that are very popular and that are present in the live casino section are the Dream Catcher and the Monopoly Live. These two games are very similar from the point of view of the rules, in fact there is a person spinning a wheel in wedges, and in each wedge there is an amount. The player must decide his stake by placing a bet on which segment he thinks will come out, i.e. where the wheel will stop.

Obviously, our advice is always to register on more sites, so that in addition to enjoying more bonuses, you can also discover more games and thus find the ones that are your favorites.

Our Suggestion

Welcome bonuses are a great and beautiful opportunity for all new players, but we at World-Best-Online-Casinos.com recommend to join only once you have very clear in mind the key concepts of the wagering requirements (gaming volumes required), because by doing so you would know exactly what to expect before you even start playing. Perhaps it would also be right to say that the more accounts you open, the more opportunity you have to get bonuses and therefore free money.

How Do We Evaluate and Rate Online Casinos ?

Let's say that it is a painstaking review process to compile a list of top casinos. There are so many parameters we follow to be able to come out with the final results, while many DO NOT get our approval, and therefore are banned or rejected from being listed on this website.

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