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Things To Know To Increase Your Chances Of Winning

Regardless of your favorite game, in order to win at online casinos you have to impose yourself some rules. Well yes, rules.

The first rule is not to play money that you can not afford to lose! It seems trivial, but unfortunately many people carry the game far more easily than you might think, to the point of forgetting family duties and anything else; If you lose and you do not have the capital you need, it is better to stop borrowing money from friends and relatives with various excuses and not be able to repay them.

Another basic rule is NOT to cheat with online casinos. It's not any good if you send them fake or incorrect information regarding your personal data and photocopy of your documents, if required. It's not good either if you abuse with some gimmicks their promotional offers offers or free bonuses. If you do not state the truth, then there may be some problems to get paid for your winnings.

Having said that, you also need to know that there are many people who regularly win and get paid for their winnings from online casinos. These winnings are not simply due to luck, because the blinded goddess can not help us continuously, but from the rules, systems and game techniques that they have developed during their "career" as gamblers, from betting at roulette to slot machines, poker or even the relatively new online bingo game and many more.

A few years ago, an online poker player in Italy, while being a simple worker, became wealthy thanks to the winnings of several million euros that he had been able to earn by playing regularly and systematically at an unverified English online casino from Italy. Pity that he was then catched by Italian taxman, and he had to pay something like €300-400,000 of tax on winnings he had never declared to the tax office. By the way, this is not the case with “REGULATED” online casinos, as players are exempt from paying tax on winnings, because these are already “net of tax” as all duties are paid directly by casinos to the governing institutions of the country where the casino is operating.
Winner at roulette in Las Vegas some years ago
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Winning at online casinos is now very much possible and 100% legal!

Until a few years ago, when online casinos were not legalized in most countries, we read all about them by the demonizers of the gambling industry: scammers, thieves, heartless people and so on by people who:

  • Had never personally played online, who had zero experience and therefore didn't really know what they were talking about

  • By those who had played trying to cheat and had been denied the payment of the winnings. These are the real facts!

Fortunately, most online casinos, and especially all the ones listed in this website are “Licensed & Regulated” by regulators who have come to make rules and have given light to the industry, so that "gambling" is now a thriving and ever-expanding industry, that is respected by both: the authorities and the same customers alike. Therefore, we have NEVER heard that an online casino does not pay customer's winnings, at least those reviewed and analyzed on this site.

"How to win at online roulette" is a much sought-after title by gamblers on the internet, and therefore there are a lot of people out there selling "Roulette Systems" around the web who promise they'll make make you rich. Well, do NOT buy such systems, ever! If you want learn about the most popular roulette betting systems, then we suggest you to visit www.roulette-experts.com where you will find a lot of stuff about this subject.

How to win at online slots, How to win at online poker, How to win at bingo online, etc. - These are all titles commonly sought after by online casino players, but that we honestly think they do not lead to anything. Methods for winning these games do not exist, because they are "random" electronic games, unless the gurus who have the keys to easy winnings at online casinos are mathematic genes applied to electronics.

However, it is certainly useful to know that some online casinos and casino games (especially slots) do have a better payout rate or RTP (Return To Player) than others, and this is where you obviously need to be to have more chance to be a winner!

Just have a look at the following page Click Here to find out about "The Highest Paying Online Casinos" for this year. While you can do the same to find out about "The Highest Paying Online Slots" Click Here.

There are many "tips for gamblers" all over the internet, but because most of them are not to be taken for granted, perhaps the most important of all is the one described at the beginning of this page. In any case, the following are to be considered a priority:

  • Just have the good sense and play with mental opening that you can win and you can lose.

  • Play only if you are over 18+.

  • If you are tired, stop playing completely or stop temporarily and resume after a bit of relaxation.

  • Play only in licensed authorized casinos.

  • Do not limit yourself to opening a single account, but try out various casinos, because the algorithms and then the gaming software have totally different behaviour between one site and another.

Finally, i.e., you are winning strongly at a slot machine, do not be tempted to play also at another one, but continue on the same slot because probably, statistically speaking, it could continue to pay even stronger.​





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