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Probably not everyone knows that due to legistations in the United States of America, except New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, Michigan, (Nevada just for its famous land based casinos in Las Vegas), not all states allow gambling and not all online casinos accept USA players.

​Despite the extremely controversial legislation brought up in 2006 by UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) and since there have been a lot of legal responses to it since 2007, the majority of USA players still await the outcome of these efforts.

Anyway, in the meantime, except the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Oregon, Michigan, South Dakota where online gambling is totally banned, the rest of the states are NOT against it and many online casinos accept USA players by targeting this market with specific services for them.

Due to the above situation we are only listing some of the best "USA friendly online casinos" licensed in Curacao that accept USA players, except from some states. However, it is up to the player to do some due diligence and contact the casinos directly to be sure to comply with the current confusing regulations of the United States, and only play at sites that are not deemed to be illegal in some US jurisdictions.

$8,888 + 350FS  

No UK players - 18+ T&Cs appl​y

$2.500 + 500FS  

No UK players - 18+ T&Cs appl​y

$2,550 BONUS  

No UK players - 18+ T&Cs appl​y

DEPOSIT $25 GET $100

No UK players - 18+ T&Cs appl​y


Are online casinos legal in USA?
Yes in some states, but outlawed in others. Therefore, to gamble legally in USA you need to enquire within your own state to make sure that everything is fine and you do not break the law. Many USA states have legalized Sports betting though, but casino games still have a long way to go through local legislations. However, some offshore licensed gambling companies are specialized in offering their services to USA players and they do accept players from any American state.

Is there an age limit for playing at online casinos?
Yes, you cannot register and play at online casinos if you are not at least 18 years old.

How do online casinos work?
All the best online casinos for USA players work in the same way. Players must register with them first, then make the first deposit to be able to play at the online casino. When it comes to casino games and results, these are driven by random generators, so-called RNGs, which are algorithms that guarantee that each outcome is 100% fair and unpredictable.

Which is the best USA online casino to play?
This is a tricky question to answer. It equals to asking the same question about cars, motorbikes, fridges, computers, etc. Basically, it all depends from what you wish to do on a gambling platform and wether you are mostly interested in gambling at casino games such as roulette, slots, card games and so on, or eventually betting on sports, or even both on the same platform. It's up to you as a player to choose among the operators that have a regular license to offer online legal gambling services.

What games can be played in an online casino?
Let's say that some modern online casinos offer an incredible variety of hundreds, and in some cases even thousands, of different games on the same platform. However, you need to visit each casino to verify by yourself the games available, that in the majority of cases always include: slots, roulette and card games; Many online casinos offer also sports betting, virtual sports, live casino, bingo, lottery, scratch cards and other specialty games.

Is it safe to play at live dealer online casinos?
Thanks to internet, the worldwide success of live casinos is absolutely amazing, and they are the main reason why so many land-based casinos have been hit financially, including the world famous Las Vegas casinos. Most online casinos are offering live dealer tables 24/7, with many having multilanguage live dealer tables, and they are broadcasted through the same casino platform, thanks to 100% secure encrypted video cameras. They bring the games in real time on your computer or mobile device, and the same license, rules and security systems apply as per the online casino computerised games.

What are the most popular casino games in USA?
Although it's not possible to account exactly how much money is spent on each game at online casinos, but the king or queen of all games at land based USA casinos is roulette. This doesn't come as a surprise for the simple reason that roulette is fun, easy to understand, fast-paced and sociable. Whereas slot machines do not offer any interaction with other players, and it can make you feel lonely to seat and spin the wheel by yourself. However, for what regards online casino games in USA it might be just the opposite due to the huge number of slot games available at each gambling site. Let's not forget also that slot machines can award multi-million payouts to lucky players.

What casino game do you have the most chance of winning?
Probably Blackjack has the best odds of winning, with a house edge of just 1% in most online and live dealer casinos. Another interesting game is French Roulette with the so called "La Partage" rule, where the advantage for the house is reduced to 1.35%; When you consider that American Roulette has an average of 5.3% advantage for the house, you really have the best chance of winning when playing the "French way".

What are USA online casinos (RTP) payout percentages?
The payout percentages (RTP - Return To Player) at USA online casinos can be between 75% to 98%; This does not mean that if you play $100 you will automatically get a refund between 75 to 98 dollars. What it means is the average payout of an online casino on the total wagered by all players at the different games offered by the gambling house. For example, if a game has a RTP of 90% it means that the house edge is 10% on the total amount wagered by all players.

Are USA online casinos fair and honest?
They must be! All online casinos that are regulated either by international licensing jurisdictions such as the Malta Gaming Authority, the Curaçao Gaming Authority, or the UKCG for United Kingdom, ADM for Italy and so on and as such they must provide 100% fair outcomes for all casino games. Moreover, they always make sure that everything works impeccably, and they operate with high fairness standards, or risk losing their license. So, if you'll' decide to play at a regulated USA online casino, you have nothing to worry about in this regard.

Can I play casino games from my smartphone?
Nowdays most (if not all) online casinos are optimised to work on modern smartphones, while some also have their own app that are very easy to download on mobile devices.

Can I gamble for free?
Absolutely yes! You can try your favourite game for free in most online casinos, before you decide to play with real money. However, some online casinos do not allow this unless you register first on their website. On the other hand , some other casinos allow players to try most games for free regardless of the country the players are from. Such casinos can be found on our following web page: CLICK HERE

Why do online casinos offer bonuses and promotions?
Have you seen how many online casinos there are on the internet? There are so many that the welcome bonus is needed to attract new players! However, beside that, online casinos will have the chance to enhance your gambling experience. Basically, by offering you a welcome bonus they will also have the opportunity to see what kind of player you are, if you love green tables or slot machines. In this way they will send you further offers that they consider most suitable for your profile, so to hopefully keep you as their loyal customer.

How to get casino bonuses?
Bonuses are easy to redeem, but the process is different at different online casinos. Often the bonuses are so featured that it’s hard not to see them. However, you can search for more information about bonuses by finding on each online casino homepage a button like “Promotions” or “Bonuses”.

Are there any minimum and maximum deposits?
The limits depend to a large extent on the website's banking policy as well as the payment method you have chosen. Let's say that most online casinos require a minimum deposit of just $10 or $20.

Which are the best online casino games providers?
There are many; some of them are: NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, IGT, Play'N'Go Betsoft, iSoftbet, Quickspin, Evolution Gaming.

What is KYC?
It stands for “Know your customers”, which is in practice, a generally accepted protocol in the financial world. The purpose of KYC is to check customers identity so to reduce for example, money laundering or prevent criminals from financing terrorists globally. This is a good protocol that all legal online casinos must adhere to, and that we totally agree with.

What is RNG
Random Number Generator (RNG) is a feature that ensures all gaming results are random. This means, for example, that roulette numbers, video slot results or cards are dealt at random, and that there are no specific pre-loaded patterns. Therefore, when an online casino has the RNG feature in place it's a guarantee that the casino is fair and honest.

What happens if the internet connection is lost/disconnected while you are playing?
Legalised online casinos have certainly thought about this issue and therefore they have a policy for such events. In general, if it happens right in the middle of the game, the casino gives back your bet  as if the session never happened.

Can I win real money in USA online casinos?  
Of course you can win real money and get paid. If during the registration process you give the casino your real name and other truthful relevant data about you that is requested in the sign-up process, you will be paid without any hassle. What is important to understand is that there are no guarantees when gambling, you can win and you can lose, and winnings should never be considered a prime source of income.  

Do I have to pay tax on gambling winnings in US?
It doesn't matter how little or how much money you win at an online casino or through buying a winning lottery ticket in USA or abroad, gamblers must report their winnings on the federal income tax returns.

How can I deposit and withdraw money at an online casino?  
You can deposit and withdraw money from trusted casino sites quite easily, as all online casino sites use multiple electronic financial transaction services such as (e-wallets, credit cards, bank accounts) to give players the opportunity to use the method that suits them. For more information you can read about the best online casinos payment systems HERE

Can I get support 24/7 if I have a problem?
Another important thing to check when looking for the best rated USA online casinos where players can play peacefully, is the availability of customer service. As problems with withdrawing money or choosing the most appropriate payment method can arise at any time, employees of the web platform should be available 24/7 if you are willing to have a truly positive gaming experience.

What can you do if you reside in a country or jurisdiction where online casinos have been blacked out and therefore made invisible by local authorities?

If this is your case, then it is very easy to solve thanks to modern technologies:

Just change the IP address every time you decide to play, in order to simulate the connection from another country, while being in your home. To do this, just search Google for services such as: How to simulate an IP address from another country, or IP changer and similar phrases and follow the instructions.

An easy, free and very effective solution is the service offered by SetupVPN (in English) at the following web address:

that through a very light app is installed in a few moments at the top right of Google Chrome, and always ready to be used when you want. So, you just have to choose the country from which to connect to play vs. favorite online casino.

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